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PayFast Fees

PayFast Fees PayFast doesn’t charge any setup or monthly fees. Making payments is free, but we charge a fee for receiving payments. When you request money to be sent from your PayFast account to your bank account, we also charge a Payout fee. You don’t require a merchant account with your bank to use PayFast. […]

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PayFast NPO Registration

Registered NPO Proof of registration Non-Profit Organisation (NPO): Copy of NPO registration certificate as issued by the Department of Social Development Public Benefits Organisation (PBO): Copy of PBO registration confirmation as issued by the South African Revenue Service (SARS) (if applicable) Proof of identity (choose one) A colour scan of member’s ID document or passport […]

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PayFast Business Registration

My Account – Verify account (Business) 1. Proof of identity of each member/director (one copy per member/director) • A colour scan of each member/director’s ID document or passport • A colour photo of each member/director’s ID document/passport • A gray scale certified copy of each member/director’s ID document/passport (a pure black and white copy is […]

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PayFast Individual Registration

My Account – Verify account (Individual) PLEASE NOTE; • Separate documents into separate files: o Please separate your documents into separate files rather than uploading them as a single file. • Allowed extensions: o Please ensure that you only upload files with the following extensions: jpeg, jpg, png, gif, tiff, tif, pdf o Other files […]

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